My Career

I am a software developer with 3+ years of experience, having worked with startups and larger tech companies like redditReddit. I hold a first-class Mechanical Engineering degree and am passionate about learning and building.

My resume

Kibo School

Software Engineer, Feb 2024 - Present

Contributed to Kibo's mission of providing world-class computer science education across Africa by developing and optimizing their Learning Management System (LMS). Improved user experience under low internet speeds by minimizing JavaScript, optimizing images, and implementing optimistic updates.

  • Implemented a Learning Management System (LMS) using Python (Flask) and React (Nextjs), improving access to computer science degree programs for over 2,500 students across 32 countries.
  • Developed an "offline mode" feature using PWA concepts, increasing student satisfaction and usage by 70%.
  • Integrated Airlock API for accreditation compliance, ensuring accurate tracking of student activities and resources, utilizing their Graphql API.


Software Engineer, Feb 2023 - Dev 2023

I worked as a contractor at Reddit, specifically under the Ads Growth team managed by Qasim Zeeshan. My time at Reddit was a significant milestone in my career as I had the opportunity to collaborate with highly skilled developers and work on a large-scale codebase. During my time there, I also developed features that were used by hundreds of thousands to millions of users.

  • Designed and developed frontend components for Ad targeting using React and Lit (Web Components), leading to a 50% increase in monthly advertisers, enhancing Reddit's revenue streams and user engagement.
  • Engineered features such as Community Suggestions, Bidless Ads, and Boost Posts, streamlining ad creation for Reddit users and improving ad engagement metrics by 32%.
  • Monitored user events via Grafana, ensuring SLA compliance and resolving performance issues.
ReactWeb ComponentsLitPythonGraphqlJestPlaywrightGraphana


Full stack developer, April 2022 - Jan 2023

Openspec is a startup that was established to assist product managers in utilizing AI to map out their product requirements and user stories. As one of the first engineers of Openspec, I had the privilege of working closely with the CTO, Rei Shapira. It was an enjoyable project, where I created a custom WYSIWYG text editor that utilized React and TipTap. I developed custom block and inline nodes, which gave it a Notion-like experience.

  • Developed a customizable WYSIWYG text editor with custom nodes using React and TipTap, providing a highly flexible editing experience.
  • Enhanced state management with Redux, Improving user experience and reliability by 50%.
  • Conducted code reviews and authored comprehensive documentation increasing code quality and reducing errors by 30%.
ReactNodejsCypressFigmaOpenAIGithub ActionsDocker


Frontend Developer, Sept 2020 - Feb 2022

Brimble was my first remote job. It is a platform for deploying frontend applications. I got this job when the CTO stumbled across an article I wrote titled "Ultimate Guide to Setup React Context API with a Custom Hook [TypeScript]." He was researching on the topic when he stumbled across my profile, and then he reached out to me.

  • Led the migration project from Vue to React, optimizing website performance and enhancing user experience on Brimble's platform.
  • Transformed the Brimble web application into a Progressive Web Application (PWA), optimizing load times and enhancing SEO performance to drive increased user engagement and organic traffic.a
  • Crafted and implemented custom features for Brimble's website by closely collaborating with users, resulting in an intuitive and user-friendly web experience tailored to user preferences.
  • Authored and published a series of in-depth technical articles on React best practices and advanced tutorials.
ReactVuejsSCSSNodejsTechnical WritingPWA

Jetron Ticket

Co-founder and CTO, Sept 2020 - Feb 2022

I built this platform not only because I noticed a gap in the event space within West Africa but also to learn how to build complex systems that scale, handling all aspects from front-end and back-end to its Continuous integration and deployment. Currently Jetron Ticket has over 35,000 users and has handled over 550 events.

  • Identified a market gap in the West African event space, developing a ticketing platform using a mono repo architecture, using React and Nodejs. now serving over 35,000 users and managing over 550 events.
  • Orchestrated the transition from MongoDB to PostgreSQL, enhancing data consistency and boosting performance by 30%.
  • Implemented microservices architecture using Golang and Redis, reducing backend response latency by 45% for a seamless experience.


Landmark University

BEng in Mechanical Engineering, 2017 - 2022

I studied engineering and fell in love with programming. I was selected as the Class Representative during my first year and the College Representative for Engineering in my final year, leading all engineering departments and their respective departmental presidents.

I Graduated with a first class degree with a CGPA of 4.82/5.0

Machine DesignObject oriented programmingMicro-controllersProject managementRobotics